Cory Tramontelli

“I’ve used other high-quality gig bags, but nothing has suited my needs as a working musician as well as Reunion Blues. They hold up with comfort, superior protection, and style… there’s no need to settle for less.”


"The handle. The Zero-G handle. I think it’s under hyped; I thought it was just a nice handle, but once I began using the bag I learned that it not only is comfortable in my hand, but also results in the case staying in a stable position and not bouncing around while carried."


"The hideaway backpack straps. I have had bass cases that you can velcro the straps "out of the way" (they are still in the way), and a keyboard case with hideaway straps that are kind of a hassle to work with. It sounds silly, but now I don’t really see how I could go back to any other bag that doesn't use the padded compartment. Good thing I don’t have to!"



"Somehow I missed that there was a handle on the back, and that is #1 my jam. Part of my strategy for flying with basses, since the beginning, has been to tuck the guitar under my arm opposite the gate agent so that the full size is hidden. I don’t plan on stopping that any time soon, and the ‘subway handle’ is perfect for that."


Growing up near Detroit with one foot in DIY punk music and the other in high- production church services, Cory wanted to play bass on everything. After years of playing country festivals and indie rock shows, he relocated to Los Angeles in 2014 to further expand his musical universe. Being equally comfortable touring arenas as he is playing at local bars, Cory’s respect for artists, enthusiasm for their music, and uncannily intuitive ear for playing the right thing at the right time has kept him in demand, traveling across North America and Europe, as well as landing him network television performances on NBC, CBS, and The CW.




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