Cesar Soto (Ministry)

"Reunion Blues gig bag's definitely take the beating that comes along with the intense touring that Ministry is known for. The quality gives you piece of mind that your instrument will survive getting thrown around on an airplane or on a tour bus. It's an honor to be part of the Reunion Blues family"

 Since childhood, its seems guitarist Cesar Soto has been destined for a life of music. His passion for the guitar-driven songwriting of all backgrounds started at an early age and has grown into an extension of his personality and soul over time where he has excelled exponentially. Like many aspiring musicians, his early teachers and lessons were given from the world-stage players flowing thru his home stereo speakers off albums that he would tirelessly mimic and pick apart hour after hour until that particular guitar line sounded identical and perfect. Now, years later he finds himself as the world-stage player continuing his ever-growing pursuit of his passion for performance-both live and in the studio. 

His professional music career began in his late teens as guitar-tech for the West Texas-based heavy metal band PISSING RAZORS (Noise Records/Modern Music Ltd) where he cut his teeth traveling the United States best and most provocative music markets learning the ropes per-say. He then eventually found himself thrust onto the main stage where he was hired full-time as PR's guitarist after the departure of their original guitar player. Soto then wrote on behalf of two of the groups next releases and contributed his abilities to their heavy tour cycle for the next couple of years. In the fall of 2003, his departure from PISSING RAZORS found him searching for his next musical endeavor. He then embarked on a series of original projects such as YEARS of COLD, THE SIXTH and GORILLA DEATHBOX with colleagues from the El Paso area over the next couple of years continuing to sharpen his skills in the event opportunity came knocking.  Then in the fall of 2014, the knock happened so to speak. International recording and touring artist MINISTRY contacted Soto with intent to put his technique to the test. A series of discussions and mini-auditions ensued eventually ending in his hiring as second slot guitarist for the grammy-nominated group. 

Now after embarking on a world tour with MINISTRY, Soto finds himself where he feels most comfortable and at home---behind the strings of a guitar and ready for the world-stage and crowds as the entertainer and stage performer he was born to be…. 


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