Casey Driessen

"Luxury quality construction, ample storage space and multiple carrying options give me confidence and flexibility to deal with the demands of the road."

Casey Driessen is a restless explorer, a bold boundary crosser who listens for inspiration from Tennessee to Tibet. An early diet of Bluegrass, Jazz, and Western Swing grounded Casey with a respect for tradition while Berklee College of Music burst open the door to technology, music from around the globe, and introduced him to The Funk. This diversity has created a distinct and soulful approach to the fiddle and led to collaborations with artists such as Bela Fleck, Bassekou Kouyate, Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott, Steve Earle, & Zac Brown Band. Casey's signature style of funky fiddle rhythm is quickly earning him the reputation as the leader of "The Chop," a new percussive bow technique permeating every corner of the fiddle/violin world.

A choptastic interpretation of Jerusalem Ridge on his debut record, 3D, earned him a Grammy nomination and was hailed a "tour de force" (New York Times). Driessen's "monster chops and imagination to match" (Downbeat) bring an electric energy to his live performances and solo recordings where this worldly instrumentalist and composer is able to show off a little, not merely as a fast and inventive fiddler, but as a visionary who translates his passion for tradition and improvisation into important new American music.

And although you can't hear them (or can you?), you know he's wearing red shoes.


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