Burke Thomas (Duff McKagan's Loaded)

"I've never seen instrument cases with the durability and elegance of Reunion Blues.  I just took my Continental cymbal case and stick bag down under to the Soundwave Festival, as well as a few dates in Japan. I never have to worry about my gear getting dinged from plane to plane, truck to truck or stage to stage. When I hit the road, my cymbals and sticks get the 5 star treatment from Reunion Blues. My Continental attache was the perfect companion on the road last year on the UK Alice Cooper tour and the Jerry Cantrell Musicares event in Los Angeles. Not as bulky as a backpack. Not as formal as a briefcase. The magnetic flaps are my favorite part because I can snag my sticks, laptop, cell phone, laundry and sour gummy worms while diving from the hotel into the cab and trust everything is still there."


Website: https://www.facebook.com/DuffLoaded

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