Brian Landau

“When I think of Reunion Blues, I think of quality and workmanship. From the rigors of the road to the demands of being on stage, I know my horns are always in great hands with Reunion Blues cases and stands!”

Saxophonist Brian Landau lives in Los Angeles CA and graduated college from UC Irvine where he studied economics and music. In college, Brian soaked up the Southern California music scene and developed his expressive playing style and soulful tone. Brian is also a Cannonball Music, Legere Reeds, and Oleg Products performing artist.

After college, Brian focused his creative efforts on his rapidly growing YouTube channel, "BriansThing" (, a premier online saxophone destination with over 75 thousand subscribers and 16 million total video views. On his channel, he plays popular charts, composes new arrangements, produces his own original music and provides educational tutorials. With Brian’s established internet presence, he has been fortunate to have the creative freedom to do what he loves with the ability to connect with viewers worldwide. The message he always aims to convey to his audience is to have fun and show commitment to your craft.

His saxophone influences include Paul Desmond, Gerald Albright, and Lenny Pickett. Through the years Brian has played with countless musicians and backed up headliners like Hunter Hayes, Jason Mraz, Kenny Burrell, Lester Chambers, Barbara Morrison, O.C. Smith, James Newton, Kei Akagi, Art Davis, Anna Sentina, Charles Owens, Dwight Treble, Bobby Rodriguez, and Vic "The Brick" Jacobs.

Along with producing and writing music, Brian performs live all over the United States.




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