Anima Tempo

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Initially in 2005, Dante Granados (Guitars /Synths), Gian Granados (Vocals /Guitar) and Pedro Vera (Bass) belonged to a progressive metal cover band called “Caustica X” who they obtained many positive reactions with their presentations around México City. 

With that encouragement, in 2009 these three long-time band mates decided to create an original project with their own material. Taking their diverse influences from progressive metal/rock and melodic death metal, built over a cinematic orchestra - inspired by Hans Zimmer and a mixture of clear melodic and heavy growls vocals, passing through groovy/djenty heavy riffs in odd time signatures. 

During the creative process of “Caged in Memories” drummer Antonio Guerrero and singer Daniel González joined the band as well as bassist Pável Vanegas to create the current line up. 


After traveling to Finland, having their first concert in Europe and the experiences they acquired in that country with bands like Seventh Wonder, Amoral, Hypothesis etc. the band realized the magnitude of creating an album with a professional production. Therefore Dante decided to invite Erik Mikalsen to the production team of “Caged in Memories”. 

After 4 years of creative process and many recording sessions later, “Caged in Memories” was complete. The band decided to entrust the post-production (mix and mastering) to Nick Sampson (Producer of Poliphya, Born of Osiris, Emmure, Asking Alexandria, etc.). His involvement was critical to create the final result.

“Caged in Memories”, released in early 2016,  is a concept album with 7 songs; composed by Dante Granados (music); and Gian Granados (lyrics). 

Anima Tempo is working on their 2nd studio album which is slated for release in late 2017.