Alex Ryan (Hozier)

"As soon as I was introduced to the RB Continental case, I knew I had to have one. It's pretty amazing that a case can be that lightweight yet so protective. The neck rests in a cavity that allows for almost complete stasis while the guitar is packed away. It's just such a slick design. Function aside, there's something about having an awesome looking case that makes you love your instrument even more. It's an extension of your identity as a musician, I suppose".

Alex Ryan is a bass player born in England, though currently living in Ireland. In 2013, he graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a First Class degree in Music. In May 2014, he started touring with Irish singer-songwriter Hozier, providing bass, vocals and keys while also acting as his musical director. Since then, he has been on the road extensively, performing at such events as the 2015 Grammy Awards (alongside Annie Lennox) and the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, as well as appearing with Hozier on David Letterman, Ellen, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. He played bass and some piano on Hozier's debut eponymous album. 

Alex plays Skjold Design custom basses and Gallien-Krueger amplifiers. 

Alex Ryan is currently on tour with Hozier


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